Education: Is our system effective? Should we scrap it? Let’s grade it.

The Brew team asks, “Should we scrap the education system as we know it?”  A special guest joins 11th Hour Brew with 30 years of teaching under her belt.  There may be a better way to educate the masses.  Grab a cup of your favorite brew and contemplate the demise of education.

2 thoughts on “Education: Is our system effective? Should we scrap it? Let’s grade it.

  1. Jan Breen is a friend, and an extraordinary teacher! She reminds us all how – no matter what the state, and testing publishers say and do – we still must make school a joyful place. Without enthusiasm, and encouragement, students will not want to continue to return. Building relationships with our students is key! Differentiating curriculum for soooo many diverse learners is a daunting task. Addressing the emotional and societal/familial needs of our students can be all consuming as well. Until we do this, however, Maslow tells us that learning cannot take place. Jan always understood this. I wish, as a society, we valued what educators do, and supported the expertise that they have. Thanks for sharing this podcast. I really enjoyed it!

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