Just Troll It

Is your campaign falling short of your goals? Just troll it, as we’ve seen, trolling works. The Brew Crew explores the effects of trolling in social media by foreign actors.

The Truth is the Victim

In the Espresso Segment: machines deliver bad news, robot god in Japan, Ivy League bribes.

Fake news and lies in the media have made their way into dividing us.  Did Jussie Smollett fabricate a divisive event designed to maintain a MAGA-villian narrative?  Does he have money privilege? “I will never be the man that this did not happen to.  I am forever changed.”

Potcast 2: The Golden State or The Green State?

Bong . . . bong . . . bong . . . 11th Hour Brew Potcast 2  gets serious about the arrival of legal weed in the Golden State.

Bio Hack Brew: The brew crew tackles the possibilities of engineering a new human being with CRISPR CAS9.

If slime intelligence is any indication of biological superiority then AI systems had better be warned. In the espresso segment; “supposably” misused words, robo cops press charges on our name, Facebook tries to gamify us.



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Russian Faux Brew: Russian troll farms and you.

Russian troll farms apparently have the power make you shrink in terror or punch someone in the nose.  On the espresso segment Saudi Arabian grants robot citizenship, FB targets grow lights, and DNC owned by Hillary.


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Filtered Brew: In an effort to make social media “safer” and less “fake” the use of AI may be another step closer to controlling the population.

The Brew Crew sifts through the filtering attempts at Facebook and other social media.  In the espresso segment: white washing Dove soap, California un-registers sex offenders, and the first ever quantum computing video.


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Superpower Brew: The quest to control the future of AI may be as intense as nukes.

The Brew Crew mulls current events and the perilous, multi-pronged threat to our peace and security and ties it into the new arms-race for Artificial Intelligence. In the espresso segment:  Valerian and the City of a Thousand plot-holes the big budget movie flop, Taco Bell’s chat bot by Slack aims to get you to work less, and what to do when you have a boa constrictor stuck to your face.

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Nuclear Brew: North Korea goose-steps toward ICBM nukes

The Brew Crew explores 70-years of menace on the Asian peninsula and the failure of nonproliferation.  North Korea shows no signs of slowing down as it tests intercontinental ballistic missiles and churns out loads of nuclear material. Is war inevitable or is it all a bunch of saber rattling and posturing? Arty, the Artificial Intelligence producer of the Brew, gets serious on the subject of war.

Also, in this addition of 11th Hour Brew: The espresso segment slaps those silly researchers at Stanford University for creating a new victim class. Crunchy, crispy, salty things that make you want to heave and robotics minded girls from Afghanistan turn our circuitry over the subject of travel visas.

True Brew: In the battle of information and interpretation, it’s becoming harder and harder to know who to believe. Is fake news a boy who cried wolf or a wolf cried boy?

The right and left are more than ready to point the finger. A conservative political activist launches a project to expose left wing bias in the media. While President Trump calls out CNN, CNN questions the president’s “alternative facts”. CNN’s Van Jones is caught on video calling Russian election tampering a “big nothing burger”. Is there any way to know who to believe?  No question . . . 11th Hour Brew!

In the espresso segment: Seattle’s minimum wage experiment may be backfiring. A California home daycare will have a trouble getting an actual license, as drug agents raid the house.  Wonder Woman vs. Superman in the wage equality debate. Why this story should really irritate everyone and it has nothing to do with wages.

Bitter Brew: How far can satire go and still be humorous? Don’t go head over heels.

D-List comedienne Kathy Griffin dropped precipitously to the S-List after shooting a video where she holds the fake severed head of President Trump executioner style. Who else is fond of severed heads? Oh yeah, ISIS. Bitter Brew brings our intrepid hosts to the table for a sobering discussion about how having a head doesn’t necessarily mean having a brain. Also, in the espresso segment, a traditionally Muslim garment gets the porno treatment, a pot edible leads to murder, and the artificial intelligence in your pocket knows what you’re doing.