Brink Brew: The brew is precariously perched on flashpoints Syria and North Korea

Putin, POTUS, and posturing as Syria’s Assad uses sarin gas and North Korea’s Un warns of global thermal nuclear war. Is it the “MOAB” – Mother of All Buildups for world war?  The Brew Crew holds onto the political pot as it teeters on the brink.

True Brew: Lies, Damn Lies, and Credibility

Where does the land of the tweet and home of the fake go from here?  Can either party get it straight?  Plus the Brewers uncover proof of a shark cyclone, explore the joys of a Snowflake test, and more . . . listen.

Counter Intel Brew: Has the premier hacker been hacked? CIA Vault 7

Wikileaks outs the CIA’s spying tools, complete with secret code names.  But who is being played, the CIA or us?  And more . . . listen.

Coffee Comitatus: Since when do we allow the military to police our states? Posse Comitatus

The Brew Crew has the answers or at least the answers history and the courts have provided. What’s the deal with Milo . . . again? The Brew addresses that massive hole he dug for himself.  And what’s American border enforcement without mad-cow patrol stopping a horse genital invasion? A lighter brew for you.

Troll Brew: What’s the deal with Milo?

Sometimes the world brews it for you.  The Brew Crew contemplates a heaping cup of bitterness and hatred.  But wait . . . who is hating who?  The brewers also have an update on the famous Potcast and the price of weed.

Resistance Brew: Are protests effective or resistance to common sense?

The Brew Crew dives into the controversial mess that is protest theatrics.  And a quick update to the Dakota Access Pipeline.  Plus, “Who wants to kill Bigfoot?”, “Is that a bug in your brain or are you just glad to see me?”  The hosts end with a top ten list.

Oil and Water Brew Two: Can Trump make them mix?

Is the Brew Crew mixing up the facts or mixing oil and water?  Our hosts examine the latest ripple near the waters of the Standing Rock Sioux nation.  Also in this podcast award season for the movies, dealing through the drive-thru and an update Trump’s first 100 days.

Martial Law Brew: Trump’s first 100 days scorecard.

The Brew team examines Trump’s plans big and small.  11th Hour Brew has begun tracking the president’s plans with our own scorecard.  We serve you as the guard against tyranny, or whatever.  Can you handle the truth?

Autonomous Brew: Are driverless cars coming too fast?

The Brewers set the cast to auto brew . . . wait, it’s too soon.  However, the advances in autonomous vehicle technology are coming faster than the mean lifetime of a Higgs’ boson–1.56×10−22 s–very fast.  We are sharing the road with AI now.  Is it AOK or will we be SOL? #HackMyRide

Stagnant Brew: I don’t want to go outside.

The Brew Crew explores a life without leaving one’s home.  Is our society headed there?  What can one accomplish from home?  Will our needs be met?

Oil and Water Brew: Can it ever mix?

It’s time to “11th Hour brew” up some controversy, as our hosts wade into the murky waters surrounding the Dakota Access oil pipeline protests, where a gas station is okay, but a pipeline isn’t. It may not be as easy to understand as it would seem on the surfaced. Rob Artigo and Paul Moore will explain. Also, in this podcast, the electoral college just did what? How dare they do their jobs, and Rogue One’s true audience is getting a lesson called Star Wars 101. Disney has a good reason for going rogue in China Town.

Potcast: The Great California Smoke Out. Salvation or ruin?

The Brewers mix up a batch of controversial grog.  Our hosts attempt to see the forest for the trees through all of the illegal pot grows.  They break down some of the details of the new law in California.  What does legalization mean? Are there some frightening downsides. This brew boils . . . our hosts don’t agree.