So . . . you wanna revolution? Well . . . be careful.

So, you say you wanna revolution? Is it the only way to really get what you want?  Choices, choices.  And ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith lets loose on the voting choices of Colin Kaepernick; not about who he voted for, but that he didn’t vote at all.  The Brew Crew cuts to the meat of the matter now that it’s president-elect Trump at the helm. Who’s circling the wagons and who’s fleeing the country?  Who’s fleeing the country and wants to take California with them?  You don’t know the issues until you’ve heard the crew’s take.

Topics: ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith on Colin Kaepernick, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, a president who wants to destroy this country, revolutionaries, Timothy McViegh, The Klan, KKK, Trump, black helicopters, and the UN.