Superpower Brew: The quest to control the future of AI may be as intense as nukes.

The Brew Crew mulls current events and the perilous, multi-pronged threat to our peace and security and ties it into the new arms-race for Artificial Intelligence. In the espresso segment:  Valerian and the City of a Thousand plot-holes the big budget movie flop, Taco Bell’s chat bot by Slack aims to get you to work less, and what to do when you have a boa constrictor stuck to your face.

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Bitter Brew: How far can satire go and still be humorous? Don’t go head over heels.

D-List comedienne Kathy Griffin dropped precipitously to the S-List after shooting a video where she holds the fake severed head of President Trump executioner style. Who else is fond of severed heads? Oh yeah, ISIS. Bitter Brew brings our intrepid hosts to the table for a sobering discussion about how having a head doesn’t necessarily mean having a brain. Also, in the espresso segment, a traditionally Muslim garment gets the porno treatment, a pot edible leads to murder, and the artificial intelligence in your pocket knows what you’re doing.